Beach Picnics in Portland, Jamaica with Master Chef @Oshae_876

Beach Picnic in Portland, Jamaic with Master Chef @Oshae_876 Picnic On The Beach with Master Chef @Oshae_876 Picture this: you, a few friends, and the coast of Portland, Jamaica. Carefree days spent in a picturesque location with breathtaking ocean views. The dreamiest view is at Beach Picnic in Portland, Jamaica with Master Chef @Oshae_876 Group or private picnics Take you and your friends […]

10 Top Things to See and Do in Portland, Jamaica

Top 10 Places To See And Visit In Portland Jamaica

There’s a reason why Portland is a popular destination among travelers. The Parish itself is home to white-sand beaches, lush forests and other attractions. The natural beauty of the parish is obvious when you explore the Blue Lagoon or walk through Rio Grande Village, which is home to numerous shops and restaurants, or visit Port […]

Cooking up a Storm in Portland Red Stripe Beer Tour And Food Review

Cooking up a Storm in Portland Red-Stripe Beer Tour And Food Review

Today we’re going on a tour with Jamaica Red-stripe Beer team and some other social media influencers to 3 food spots and I’ll be giving my honest reviews on the meals I try. The last stop will be at famous Jamaican Chef Oshea where I’ll be doing a collaboration with him to make one of […]