Ital Soup

Ital Soup

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Jamaican Rum Punch

Chef Meallionaire - Rum Punch My Rum Punch is NOT for the weak! It’s SUPER fruity as you can see, but in between all of that is Wray & his Nephew! If you are Jamaican or you’ve ever been to a Jamaican event, then you know it’s not a proper event without Rum! Parties, BBQs, Nine Nights, you name […]

Arnold Palmer with a Splash of Strawberry

Chef Meallionaire - Arnold Palmer with Strawberry So besides me of course😆, we all know Chick Fil A has the BEST Arnold Palmer. Imagine that with a splash of strawberry. This was so good and refreshing! I made it the first time a few weeks ago for Juneteenth and then I had to make it again yesterday because everybody loved it! […]

Chef Meallionaire Makes Sweet Peach Salad with Sweet Peach Dressing

Meallionaire - Sweet Peach Salad with sweet peach dressing

Chef Meallionaire makes: Sweet Peach Salad with sweet peach dressing. This is perfect for a light lunch or even dinner. All you need is some Spring mix, peaches, red bell peppers, pecans, goat cheese and sweet peach dressing. Grill two shrimp kabobs. Chef Mealionnaire is washing it all down with a nice tall glass of […]