Vegan Soulicious Makes Her Grandmother’s Jamaican Pineapple Tea

Vegan Soulicious makes her Grandmother's Jamaican Pineapple Tea

Vegan Chef Charlise Rookwood aka. Vegan Soulicious makes her Grandmother’s Jamaican Pineapple Tea 🇯🇲. • Pineapple skin washed• 1 cup peppermint leaf• 2 cinnamon sticks• Fresh ginger root• 1 Lemon• 1/4 cup organic sarsaparilla• Boil it all up for around 90 mins, take off the heat and let it sit overnight and strain in the […]

Jamaican Rum Punch

Chef Meallionaire - Rum Punch My Rum Punch is NOT for the weak! It’s SUPER fruity as you can see, but in between all of that is Wray & his Nephew! If you are Jamaican or you’ve ever been to a Jamaican event, then you know it’s not a proper event without Rum! Parties, BBQs, Nine Nights, you name […]

Arnold Palmer with a Splash of Strawberry

Chef Meallionaire - Arnold Palmer with Strawberry So besides me of course😆, we all know Chick Fil A has the BEST Arnold Palmer. Imagine that with a splash of strawberry. This was so good and refreshing! I made it the first time a few weeks ago for Juneteenth and then I had to make it again yesterday because everybody loved it! […]