Tracking Wild Pigs In Heavy Thunder Rain Storm In The Mountains

Jamaica Food Boss - Tracking Wild Hog

Tracking wild pigs in heavy storm rain with a dangerous trek through the Mountains of Jamaica in search of food. We linked up with @locknloadoffshoreadventures & @TopLodge great link up and great food. We were unsucessful in our hunt but returned to indulge in an array of wild foods that included duck and bird. Luckily […]

Beach Picnics in Portland, Jamaica with Master Chef @Oshae_876

Beach Picnic in Portland, Jamaic with Master Chef @Oshae_876 Picnic On The Beach with Master Chef @Oshae_876 Picture this: you, a few friends, and the coast of Portland, Jamaica. Carefree days spent in a picturesque location with breathtaking ocean views. The dreamiest view is at Beach Picnic in Portland, Jamaica with Master Chef @Oshae_876 Group or private picnics Take you and your friends […]

Jamaican Food In Miami Aunt May’s Miami Fish Fry


Im with Carlene who is Aunt May from Hellshire Beach daughter. We recently did a video at Aunt May’s with Keisha who told me about her sister and the awesome stuff she was doing in Florida. 547 miles later and we’re in Carlenes Kitchen for Aunt May’s Fish Fry. Cooking from the back of her […]

Our Tiny House in the Woods by a River with Jamaican Street Food

Our Tiny House in the Woods by a River with Jamaican Street Food

They say bigger isn’t always better and tiny homes are perfect examples of that. Nestled beside a cool river in Portland Jamaica is this small cabin that is eco friendly and fully powered by the sun. Of course a great stay needs a good food spot close by, so we went on the hunt for […]