Top 10 Places To See And Visit In Portland Jamaica

10 Top Things to See and Do in Portland, Jamaica


October 15, 2022


10:04 pm


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There’s a reason why Portland is a popular destination among travelers. The Parish itself is home to white-sand beaches, lush forests and other attractions. The natural beauty of the parish is obvious when you explore the Blue Lagoon or walk through Rio Grande Village, which is home to numerous shops and restaurants, or visit Port Antonio – a great place to buy souvenirs.

“Welcome to Portland!” That’s what you’ll hear if you visit the parish. Portland locals are committed to ensuring that you enjoy every second of your stay no matter what your interests may be. They have such an abundance of natural beauty that it’s easy for anyone to find something to do there—whether it be exploring the beautiful beaches, surfing or taking in the sights and sounds of Port Antonio.

Frenchman’s Cove

The most beautiful beaches in the world! Frenchman’s Cove is a private estate and beach, located just five miles from Port Antonio, which is considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Perfect for for weddings! The Frenchman’s Cove Estate offers scenic wedding locations and accommodations for your special day. Enjoy the beauty of this tropically landscaped property, situated on 45 acres of natural land.

Experience a hidden paradise in Portland, Jamaica at Frenchman’s Cove Resort. Located just 5 miles from Port Antonio and considered to be one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, you’ll be able to enjoy a private beach that can cater up to 250 people.

Boston Jerk Center

Boston Jerk Center is home to the best jerk chicken and pork in the world. Jamaicans take pride in their food and know that you will love it too! There are always new jerk additions to take-out menu! From authentic Jamaican recipes to a variety of Caribbean dishes, they offer everything your taste buds desire. Just minutes from Boston center located in Portland, Jamaica, Boston Jerk Center is minutes away from Boston’s city center! Drop by and come by for a feast at their outdoor kitchen. The service is second to none!

Errol Flynn Marina

Errol Flynn Marina is the crème de la crème of Caribbean luxury. Situated amidst the picturesque Errol Flynn Marina is a haven for those who seek privacy and serenity. Errol Flynn Marina was named after Hollywood actor Errol Flynn, who fell in love with the parish in the 1950s. Take to the crisp blue waters. Invest in a lifetime of memories – spend time with family or friends on your yacht charter in one of the most protected harbors in the world. Get close to nature in one of our kayaks or take a stroll down our serene private beach.

Boston Bay Beach

A famed surfing spot, family friendly beach and vacation destination, Boston Bay Beach is located 14.5 km east of Port Antonio’s town center. Boston Bay Beach is a popular hangout spot for locals with white sands, original jerk stands and a magnificent view of the Caribbean ocean. The surf here is perfect for beginners and intermediate surfers – perfect for anyone who wants to go surfing without the crowds! The beach is open  year- round!

If you are looking for surf camps, check out Jamnesia Surf Camp.

Rafting on the Rio Grande

An unforgettable adventure! Experience the thrill of a lifetime with a rafting tour on the Rio Grande River in Jamaica. With more than 80 kilometers of white water, the Rio Grande will take you on an exciting journey and an amazing experience.

Blue Lagoon

Dive into the deep! The Blue Lagoon is a destination for many visitors to Jamaica. It features an exquisite lagoon, which is rumored to be bottomless yet actually measures 200 feet deep and features clear, turquoise waters surrounded by lush greenery. With stunning views, a crystal clear pool of water in the middle of a lush green forest with coconut, banana plants and tropical fruits in the background. The lagoon is a family-friendly attraction perfect for anyone who loves being submerged in nature’s beauty. This Jamaican get-away destination perfect for all seasons. The Blue Lagoon is accessible year-round. It’s just as enjoyable during the winter as it is during the summer months.

Winnifred Beach

Winnifred Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Jamaica. There’s white sands, clear blue water, and the reef is perfect for snorkeling. The reef at Winnifred Beach is the perfect place to snorkel. Make sandcastles all day long with miles of white sand stretching along this secluded beach, you’ll have plenty of room to build your own personal castle with your bare hands or some sand toys. Nestled between two wonderful beaches. If you love swimming and sunbathing, then this beach is perfect for you. You’ll be nestled between these two picturesque beaches – Blue Lagoon and Boston Bay – which are just minutes away.

The Blue Mountains

Come Hike in the Blue Mountains! The Blue Mountains is the paradise for hikers and campers, with beautiful scenery, cool temperatures and many hiking trails. The perfect place to camp and explore. There are a number of hostels and inns that are located in the Blue Mountains, catering to those looking to hike or camp. Bring your tent and stay the night! Explore world-class hiking trails. The number-one place for hikes and camping in Jamaica, the Blue Mountains offers a number of trails for all skill levels. From easy to difficult, there’s a trail for everyone!

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Reach Falls

Reach Falls is a natural beauty that’s eco-friendly. If you’re feeling adventurous and want to test your courage then dive into the Rabbit Hole. You’ll find an underwater cave and will have the opportunity to explore it. Reach Falls is a family friendly destination where everyone can enjoy themselves with hiking trails, picnic areas, and even a playground.

Waterfalls are one of the most beautiful parts of nature so it’s no surprise that visitors are eager to get as close as possible. That’s why Reach Falls was developed using sustainable practices in order to preserve its beauty.

Folly Mansion

The Folly ruins is one of the most historical places in Jamaica. Two-story mansion built on 90-acre estate in 1901. Fascinating story associated with it.
Step back in time and explore the history of this amazing structure, from its Georgian architecture to its Jamaican secrets. Learn about the native Jamaican people who lived here and what life was like for them during the early 1900’s. In a unique Caribbean setting. Filled with stray cats and other animals, The Folly Ruins is overgrown with greenery. Behold the crumbling walls and its many hidden secrets. What’s inside? Explore for yourself. Wander around the estate and discover what hidden treasures lie inside. Take pictures, record your stories, and upload them to share on social media!