Chef Meallionaire - Rum Punch

Jamaican Rum Punch


September 27, 2022


10:48 am


jamaicansdoitbetter admin

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My Rum Punch is NOT for the weak! It’s SUPER fruity as you can see, but in between all of that is Wray & his Nephew! If you are Jamaican or you’ve ever been to a Jamaican event, then you know it’s not a proper event without Rum! Parties, BBQs, Nine Nights, you name it!

There are NO MEASUREMENTS when making Rum Punch the Meallionaire way, because you might not be able to handle it, so it’s all left up to your interpretation and tolerance level!

I used BLOOD ORANGES, LIME, LEMON, STRAWBERRIES, PINEAPPLES, GUAVA JUICE, MANGO JUICE, STRAWBERRY SYRUP (I used the @gracefoods brand), a MIXED FRUIT JUICE(peach, mango, pomegranate, guava, orange, and pineapple), and the star of the show @wrayrum ! Once it sits for a few hours, the fruits in the punch become infused, which makes a delicious adult snack! Thank me later! This is guaranteed to turn your next event ALL THE WAY UP! As the party promoters in Jamaica would say at the end of every promotion and party flyer, Drink Responsibly💕

With Love,

Meallionaire ❤️

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