Wellness Rebirth Retreats Jamaica


September 19, 2022


7:17 pm


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 Mar 1 – 7, 2023 ///  Group size: 1 – 25

About this trip

The intention for this healing experience is designed to connect the guests with the culture of healing holistically with cannabis and other plant medicines. Cannabis is our featured medicine. It is our intention to expand the vibration around this medicine to realign with its roots and powerful healing potential. Reclaiming the power of cannabis for holistic and sacramental use we will journey with cannabis while offering the opportunity to infuse other plant medicines into the experience.

A sacred/ceremonial space created for the participants to partake and interact with the plant medicine for deep healing purposes. This experience will be guided as a sacred and meditative ritual with expert sacred healers and medicine wombmen.

This is an immersive journey that takes us into the root of our being, to awaken, heal and restore our existence in all realms. The interaction with plant medicine is welcomed at different levels, be guided by your own INNER-calling. We will create space by offering various forms of plant medicine and several different ways to interact. 

The main plant medicines we will be journeying with are cannabis, cacao and psilocybin mushroom. Additional Medicine for private sessions include bufo, kambo and xhanga (see add-on for more details).

Each guest will have the option of choosing to journey deeper with one of these medicines. LISTEN, and you will know intuitively what you need. 

 This is An exclusive retreat experience By Wellness Rebirth Retreats & Taitopics. 


  Our retreat will be hosted at Starlight Chalet.  Nestled in the Blue Mountains, 5,000 feet above sea level is Starlight Chalet & Health Spa. This resort boasts beautiful boutique guest rooms, tastefully incorporating Caribbean décor and reflecting that relaxed island vibe. The beautiful gardens, cool fresh breeze and mountain vistas are among the most memorable occasions for visitors to the Chalet. Starlight Chalet is only 25 miles from Kingston City. 


To expand the vibration and embody true plant healing we will interact with plant medicine with the highest of vibration. All meals will be raw/live foods, sourced locally from organic farms. Our resident Raw/Live Food Chef has been practicing in the art of live/raw food preparation and Livity for over 7 years. He will guide us through all our consumptions as we take in plant medicine in all the various sources and forms.



Cannabis is one of the earliest plants to be cultivated. Used for sacramental & medicinal purposes, this plant has been rooted on earth since the beginning of time. 

Later used hemp to make oil, clothes, shoes, ropes, and an early form of paper. Cannabis was introduced as well to the shamans (the kapnobatai—”those who walk on smoke/clouds”) burned cannabis flowers to induce trance during gatherings and ceremonies. 

Each cannabis plant is different from another, varying in strain, profile, flavor and effects. It can be consumed in many forms such as orally, topically, combusted or even steamed! 

Cannabis when used in certain concentrated amounts can treat autism, slow and stop cancer cells from spreading, reduce anxiety, heal bone injures, treat glaucoma, control epileptic seizures, prevent arthritis pain, help with pain, depression and more! 

Cacao/Magic Mushroom Ceremony Magic Mushrooms, as they are commonly referred to, are mushrooms that contain Psilocybin and Psylocin. Psilocybin is a psychoactive compound that acts on the serotonin brain receptors causing altered states of consciousness, visions, increased creativity and deep subconscious healing. The mushroom spirit has been in existence since the beginning of time, containing within them an endless amount of information and potential to connect us with the depths of our being. These ancient teachers are non-toxic to the human body, and are a source for us to connect with our divinity.

Our experience will begin with a cacao ceremony, which will aid us in opening our hearts and getting clarity on our intentions. In plant medicine ceremonies, setting intentions is vital in establishing a connection with the medicine. After the cacao ceremony we will serve a mushroom tea containing 3 grams of dried Psilocybin mushrooms. We have taken time to ensure the setting and experience will be both safe and tranquil, so you can relax and receive everything the medicine has to offer you. 

Xhanga Ceremony 

Xhanga is a transcendental, all natural substance made from herbs and vines that contain DMT (also known as the “spirit molecule”). When smoked, the effects are truly remarkable, taking you into the inner worlds where the truth of our being resides. Xhanga is a great tool for deep subconscious healing, access to the heart space and communicating with the ancestors. The effects last 20-45 minutes and the benefits are endless.