Typhanie Cooks

Has Black Immigrant Food Become America’s New Main Course?


February 25, 2022


5:33 am


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Typhanie Stewart

ForbesAccording to Instagram Jamaican food celebrity chef  Typhanie Stewart, this push to explore new foods and flavors has been driven by the pandemic and people’s digital connection on social media. As someone who started her public cooking journey during the pandemic, Stewart and her Instagram handle @TyphanieCooks, has gone from zero to almost 50,000 followers in just a couple of months. 

With 45% of her audience based in the U.S.,  Stewart’s food-based Instagram has attracted followers keen on learning about Afro-Caribbean cuisine. 

“When I started my @TyphanieCooks journey during the height of the pandemic, I did not expect the response I got,” said Stewart, a Jamaican born American citizen currently living in Florida. “I got 1,000 new followers in the first month. And, I  got a lot of positive feedback from Jamaican Americans missing home and folks from all across the United States. 

With the pandemic serving as a backdrop for this emerging movement for the greater value of Black lives, Ambassador Marks said Afro-Caribbean food has become the main course for many Americans searching for connection and culture.  Read more…